approx. 6,400 sqm

Plot size

approx. 100,000 sqm


Slaughterhouse with building complex

Solar system with 960 KW (expandable)

Approx. 1,400 sqm covered paddocks

Own sewage treatment plant

Production according to European standard


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Slaughterhouse in Turkey

Capacity 250 large animals per day


Purchase price

USD 13.9 million 

Brokerage fee 

3.57 % incl. VAT
from the purchase price

Object data: The slaughterhouse was put into operation in 2018.  The construction/operation received European funding. The operation is carried out in compliance with European standards.

Of the 100,000 sqm plot size, approx. 16,000 sqm are used for business purposes. The slaughterhouse itself has a size of approx. 8,500 sqm. Its capacity is 250 large animals and 1,000 small animals (sheep / goats) daily. The cold storage capacity is approximately 1,300 tons. An own sewage treatment plant as well as covered paddocks (approx. 1,500  sqm) are available on the premises.


For the Muslim customer market, it is also possible to produce according to the “Halal” standard and for the Jewish market “kosher”. Otherwise, production is carried out according to European standards (bolt stunning).

The company is currently operated in the test with a capacity utilization of 10%.

It is worked in a 6-day week with 8 hours a day.

Purchases are made via Turkish fattening and agricultural enterprises within a radius of 1-2 hours to the slaughterhouse.

Meat is currently sold on the domestic Turkish market, especially in the metropolises.

Associated with the slaughterhouse is a solar plant with 960 KW total capacity, which can be expanded to 1.6 MW.

The sale of the business takes place in the whole (land, building, solar system, facilities and licenses).  The current staff can be taken over.


Production sheds


Note: Further details will be passed on and discussed after signing a declaration of intent to purchase.
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