Location description


Didim / 


Hotel-/ Resort-plot

Area plot 1

11,695.95 sqm

Area plot 2

10,499.66 sqm



Upon acquisition, there is an option to purchase an adjacent, state-owned parcel of approximately 220,000 sqm. Further adjacent, private land can also be acquired. Together approx. 380,000 sqm.


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Fantastic, protected coastal plot

in Didim / Turkey


Purchase price

8,500,000 Euro

Brokerage fee 

5.95 % incl. VAT
from the purchase price

Object data: The offered property is located directly on the beautiful beach of a lagoon in the immediate vicinity of Didim. A development plan, especially for hotels up to 3 floors, is available.  From the public road the access is via a private associated road. The bay is currently still an insider tip of locals



Sandy beaches, ancient monuments and untouched natural landscapes – Didim, located on the Turkish Aegean Sea, leaves nothing to be desired and allows for an unforgettable vacation. The seaside resort enchants with its bathing and water sports facilities. But not only sun worshippers, also culture and nature lovers are in good hands here.

Didim is located in the west of Turkey in the province of Aydın. It is about 80 kilometers south to the well-known Bodrum and the airport. The city of Kuşadası is about 77 kilometers away in the north. Didim is mainly known as a family seaside resort. Holidaymakers will find numerous beaches and bays in the area, which invite them to relax.
However, it is not only the beach that is a great place to spend time, the colorful underwater world also magically attracts snorkelers and divers.

The ancient history, which goes back to the 2nd millennium BC, can still be felt everywhere in the surroundings of Didim. Many of the sights are well preserved.

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Purchase price

8,500,000 Euro

Brokerage fee 

5.95 % incl. VAT
from the purchase price

Note: Further details will be passed on and discussed after signing a declaration of intent to purchase.

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