Location description


Istanbul / Samandira


Commercial property

Total area

approx. 31,000 sqm



approx. 7 m / floor

Floor space


approx. 45,000 sqm


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Commercial property

(approx. 31,000 sqm)


Purchase price

USD 16.8 Mio.

Brokerage fee 

3,57 % incl. VAT
from the purchase price

Property data: The property is located in a central location with excellent connections to the existing infrastructure.

The property is buildable at short notice.

Only a few plots of this size and location are still available in Istanbul.



Istanbul is steadily growing strongly!

 With currently about 15.5 million inhabitants, Istanbul is the largest Turkish commercial metropolis with optimal geographical connections to the Middle East, Africa and Asia (Silk Road Project).


The stock exchange, wholesale, transport, logistics, banking, press and publishing dominate the image of Istanbul.


 The new international airport, the planned 2nd Bosphorus Canal, further tunnelling of the Bosphorus and the creation of new Internet data hubs catapult Istanbul into “the” logistics city in Europe/the Middle East. Important industries settle in Istanbul’s “bacon belt” (automotive, chemicals, cosmetics, furniture, etc.). Due to this fact, Istanbul is a sought-after investment place for international investors and globally operating companies.


 The commercial property for sale is located in the Asian district of Istanbul with very good access to the E 80 and O-7 motorways (Istanbul’s main traffic arteries), Sabiha Gökcen Airport with a cargo terminal, as well as the Istanbul Marina and the famous Desan Shipyard (ferries, sea rescue and military ship area). Renowned companies such as Renault, Ford, UPS, ZF and Pepsi Cola have already settled in this Istanbul district.


 If you are planning your market entry in Turkey, or if you want to expand, this commercial property represents an optimal choice and unique opportunity for you.



Note: Further details will be passed on and discussed after signing a declaration of intent to purchase.
The purchase price is subject to country-specific tax law and the associated VAT regulations.

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